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Case Studies

Consumer Products
A middle tier apparel manufacturer, distributor and retailer continues in business after a dramatic restructuring. The company went from being stable and salable to financial distress in a matter of months due to predatory competitors, poor information systems and a disastrous attempt by management to sell the business. While identifying and developing outsourcing, lean manufacturing and supply chain solutions, Oak Capital Group worked with management to rapidly implement the strategies to restore company viability and profitability.

A specialty retail jewelry chain of nine stores benefits from a strategic restructuring opportunity. This privately held firm’s annualized revenues dropped to $25 million and was facing immediate liquidation with no on-hand cash or strategies to attempt a corporate restructure. The deteriorating regional economy, high real estate lease costs and significant competitor encroachment into its historically profitable markets caused a liquidity crisis. As a result of the strategic role by an Oak Capital Group principal, the company was able to achieve a corporate restructuring/sale that satisfied the secured lender’s obligations and provided an attractive return to the firm’s principals.

Business Services
A member of the Forbes 300 largest private companies indirectly held a portfolio of energy and environmental service companies with annual revenues in excess of $60MM. The inability of management in the portfolio companies to integrate the acquisitions caused the companies to underperform and required ongoing cash infusions. Oak Capital Group provided financial, reorganization and investment banking advisory services to achieve a combination of financial/operational restructuring and divestitures that retired $15MM in institutional acquisition financing.

A new alternative energy generator gains initial project finance funding. A diverse management team brought alternative energy technology to market that utilizes land fill gas (LFG) to generate electricity. After various financial advisors failed to fulfill their engagements, Oak Capital Group was retained to assess and provide viable strategic solutions. After extensive project financial due-diligence, Oak Capital Group was able to successfully restructure and credit enhance the initial $5 Million transaction as part of an overall $25 million arrangement. The initial 5MW plant provides enough wholesale electricity (sold to a major U.S. utility company) to serve 4,000+ homes.

A specialty commodity goods manufacturer gains a strategic restructuring opportunity. This privately held firm, while showing a $1 million annual positive operating cash flow, was facing immediate foreclosure. The company had neither viable strategies going forward nor any available cash to attempt a corporate restructure. The high company debt load and the impairment of a large portion of its accounts receivable caused a liquidity crisis. As a result of Oak Capital Group’s efforts, the company was able to achieve a corporate restructuring that satisfied the secured lender’s obligations and allowed the company ample time to pursue broader strategic solutions.

A new energy distributor gains start-up funding. A management group involved in peripheral NASCAR businesses obtained exclusive southeastern U.S. distribution rights for fuel products. Oak Capital Group provided financial and strategic advisory services in conjunction with a $1.5MM primary equity offering and $2.5MM secondary equity offering. The $1.5MM primary offering enabled the company to commence U.S. operations.

A start-up charter school obtains permanent facilities financing. Over a four-year period, Oak Capital Group principals provided extensive financial, marketing and operational advisory services to this start-up school. Within 8 months of the start-up of the school, Oak Capital Group arranged $2.2 million in non-recourse financing for permanent school facilities. The school currently ranks among the top 5 charter schools academically in its state, in the top 5 middle schools among all public middle schools in its state and has become one of the largest charter schools in its state with a 500+ student waiting list.